How to book a Private Workshop

Step 1:You pick a date, I dont book Monday & Tuesday nights

Step 2: I like for you to have at least 10 people for a private workshop and I can host up to 25. We pick a sign size and that dictates the workshop price. My workshop prices are $35 for a 12x12, $40 for 12x20 and $45 for the 12x48 (porch leaner size) signs. I like for everyone to choose the same SIZE sign and then everyone can choose their own sayings for their signs.

Step 3:  After we pick a date and price, I will create a private FB event and event on my website where you can purchase your tickets. You share the event, and add people that you want to invite, they buy their ticket and pick their sign. Then its party time and you show up and have fun. You can bring your own food, snacks, drinks and wine if you want. Its really easy and has been very well received.

Step 4: Party time. You show up with snacks and drinks if you want and have a blast. 

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll gather some sign ideas for you